Cinematic scene using troubadour elements


Troubadour introduction I have been drawn to various ‘figures’ from narrative sources as a means of contextualising artistic practices in a slightly ‘colourful’ way. I have consistently drawn on the implications of the coyote trickster figure, albeit reconfigured as the Hermetic. According to Michel Serres, the troubadour is also a figure that, like trickster (or […]

Cinematic scene using opossum elements


Opossum introduction I have tried to gather trickster stories from most of the geographies with which I have had close relations. One of these is Mexico. Here opossum –or tlacuache – in folk tales is a trickster figure, but what interests me is that tlacuache is a rare female trickster. The speculation for this ‘deviation’ […]

Cinematic scene using coyote iconography


Coyote introduction I was introduced to coyote during the 1980s through triple exposure to the work of the artists Harry Fonseca and Jimmie Durham and the writer Gerald Vizenor. Through their work it was clear that trickster was not to be approached from an anthropological or ethnographic perspective but from that of language: trickster was […]