Cat mince text on a fabric background

Tuti’s Blog #16 – Catmince


Today I ran out of the front door and across the road. I was a bit distracted by one of those Visitors, and had a momentary desire to see the Wide World. What a mistake! What a hue and cry The Carers set up, waving their arms about and rushing after me so that I got into such a tizz I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. Eventually, I got my bearings – I know my way around here without the aid of GPS! – and streaked back across the road. With legs bent and stomach scraping the ground (trying to be as invisible as possible, you understand, lest you think me quite cowardly), I finally slithered through the park gate and jumped back up onto the garden wall. True, I was lucky that no motorised monsters appeared on the road during my little excursion, otherwise I might well have been catmince and not lived to tell the tale. By the way, if I ever do get ‘lost’, I have a ‘chip’, and a small amber spot in my right iris so you can tell it is ME.