Fat cats text on a fabric background

Tuti’s Blog #21 – Fat Cats

Fat Cats

There are some terrific cartoonists in the newspapers the old Carer reads online. My favourite is Martin Rowson. My one complaint is that he represents those banker-types, who caused the financial meltdown and even as we speak are still raking in the cash, as ‘Fat Cats’. Now, I don’t know where this slander came from but it is definitely racist towards cat persons. For one, I would never be seen dead, My Dear, in one of those pin-stripey suits; I SO prefer my elegant ‘tux’. And I am not partial to cigars – although the young Carer who is distinctly un-English, occasionally manages to get hold of some tasty Cohibas. In fact, I used to indulge in passive smoking as the old Carer couldn’t write a paragraph without a cigarette, but now I just have to suffer neurotic writer’s block. Nor, might I add, have we cats ever stolen from anyone (except of course that thieving kitten of Neighbour John’s – and he probably put him up to it like that Fagin character in Dicken’s novel. Can you imagine – a Human directing the criminal activities of all the stray cat persons in the neighbourhood!)