Human Interactions, tuti fruti as a kitten

Tuti’s Blog #52 – Human Interactions

Human Interactions – OK, you are asking, if I don’t like cuddles and lap-possing, what Human interactions DO I like? Well, of course, talking to me is of prime importance, although the old Carer does go on a bit with a lot of pussy-cat nonsense. But when I am curled up and the old Carer approaches I give a little squeak and flop on my side with one arm raised, which is her cue to scratch my fluffy armpits and stomach as well as under my chin (where I have feline acne, as I may have already noted.) I am also fond of head-banging as a form of greeting and a pat on my hindquarters as reassurance. Most Humans approach me timidly as if anticipating I am going to scratch them – so I generally oblige to point out their prejudices. In truth, I am scared of them and run away as I am afraid they are going to tease me – teasing leads to distrust of Humans. The old Carer worries that my anti-social behaviour stems from being teased as a kitten when she was away for a couple of months in Mexico. Are there any books on cat person psychology?