Publications List


Authored book

Vampire in the Text: Selected Essays on Contemporary Art, London: inIVA.
Preface by Cuauhtémoc Medina. The volume assembles many of the essays published pre-2000, and is divided into two parts, Art in Practice, which focuses on specific artists’ work, and Art in Context, which explores some contemporary issues of art and critical practices.

Edited books with Introductions

The Triumph of Icarus: Writings on the Work of Rasheed Araeen. Introduction by Jean Fisher. The book is a collection of essays written over several decades that contextualise the evolution and influence of Rasheen Araeen’s art practices. Contributors: Patricia Bickers, Guy Brett, Iftikhar Dadi, Jean Fisher, Osman Jamal, Amna Malik, Courtney J Martin, Ian McLean, Michael Newman, Paul Overy, Deas Philippi, John Roberts and Stephen Wright.

Jimmie Durham, Waiting to be Interrupted, M KHA, Antwerp. A selection of essays and poems published since ca.1996. Introduction by Jean Fisher: ‘Stranger at the Gate’.

James Coleman, catalogue raisonné, Madrid: Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. The chronology section is edited by Jean Fisher, who wrote 35 of the 49 entries. It consists of readings of each of the artist’s works, including many early works for which there is no previously published account, and excerpts from essays by Manuela Ammer, George Baker, Mieke Bal, Lynne Cooke, Luke Gibbons, Frank Lubbers, Kaja Silverman, Michael Tarantino, Dorothea von Hantelmann.

The American West, Compton Verney.
Catalogue to the exhibition curated by Jimmie Durham and Richard W Hill. Essay contributors: Jen Budney, Jimmie Durham, Jean Fisher, Bonnie Fultz, Richard W Hill and Simon Ortiz.

Over Here: Issues of Contemporary Global Art, MIT Press. Co-editor Gerardo Mosquera.
An anthology of writings exploring the critical, curatorial and aesthetic discourses on globalisation from the perspective of practitioners living and working outside the western metropolises. Introduction by Gerardo Mosquera and Jean Fisher. Artist’s book project: graphics by Francis Alÿs. Contributors: Rustom Bharucha, José Luis Brea, Gustavo Buntinx, Lee Weng Choy, John Clark, Angela Dmitrakaki, José Gatti, Édouard Glissant, Pam Johnston, Geeta Kapur, Everlyn Nicodemus, Nikos Papastergiadis, Marian Pastor Roces, Gabriel Peluffo Linari, Carolina Ponce de León, Apinan Poshyananda, Kathryn Smith, Jalal Toufic, Chang Tsong-zung, Victor Tupitsyn, José Manuel Valenzuela Arce, Carlos Vidal.

Re-Verberations: Tactics of Resistance, Forms of Agency in Trans/cultural Practices, Maastricht: Jan van Eyck Publications.
The book derives from a symposium organised by Jean Fisher at the Akademie, combining students and invited speakers, exploring trans/cultural artistic and critical practices using the metaphor of the trickster. The book is divided into three sections: Improvisation, Syncopation and Caprice. Contributors: Maria Thereza Alves, Sonia Boyce, Ben Cain, Peter Mason, Robert Farris Thompson, Coco Fusco, Sue Golding, Gilliom Grantsaan, Tina Gverovic, Mirjam Kort, Zeina Maasri, Sarat Maharaj, Danio Man, Cuauhtémoc Medina, Jim Mooney, Celeste Olalquiaga, Sytze Steenstra, Nasrin Tabatabai and Gerald Vizenor.

Lee Ufan, Selected Writings 1970 -1996, Lisson Gallery, London. A selection of the artist’s writings from catalogues, magazines and newspapers. Edited with Introduction by Jean Fisher.

Global Visions: Towards a New Internationalism in the Visual Arts, Kala Press and inIVA.
Proceedings of a symposium organised by Third Text and Iniva at the Tate Gallery, exploring the meaning and significance of internationalism in art, curatorial and critical practices. Edited with Preface by Jean Fisher. Contributors: Rasheed Araeen, Gordon Bennett, Hal Foster, Hou Hanru, Gavin Jantjes, Geeta Kapur, Raiji Kuroda, Sarat Maharaj, Gerardo Mosquera, Everlyn Nicodemus, Olu Oguibe, Guillermo Santamarina, Elizabeth Sussman, Gilane Tawadros, Fred Wilson and Judith Wilson.

Jimmie Durham, A Certain Lack of Coherence, Kala Press and inIVA, 1993
A selection of the artist’s study papers, commentaries, poetry and essays published in newspapers, art magazines and art catalogues 1974 – 1991. Edited with Preface by Jean Fisher.

Essays in books/ catalogues/journals since 2001

‘Joy Reflected Upon A Lake of Sorrow: Reading Kamal Boullata’, in Kamal Boullata…And There Was Light, London: Berloni, pp 50-77.

‘Emily Jacir: Visual Poems and Silent Songs’, in Emily Jacir: Europa, eds Emily Jacir and Omar Kholeif, London: Whitechapel Gallery and Prestel, pp 22-34.

‘Jimmie Durham: Holding a Mirror to Humanity’, in Jimmie Durham: Various Items and Complaints, London: Serpentine Galleries and Koenig Books, pp 8-11.

‘McQueen’s Dialogues with the Image of Precarious Life’, English and Japanese, in Steve McQueen, Tokyo: Espace Louis Vuitton, pp 6-23.

‘Reflections’, in Unseen: Willie Doherty, London: Matt’s Gallery and Derry: Nerve Centre. Includes ‘Seeing Beyond the Pale’, essay republished from Unknown Depths: Willie Doherty, Cardiff: Ffotogallery, 1990.

‘In Defiance of Gravity’, Yinka Shonibare MBE: Fabric-ation, Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

‘Themes and Variations in the Work of Steve McQueen’, I Want the Screen to be a Massive Mirror: Lectures on Steve McQueen, Laurenz-Stiftung, Schaulager Basel.

‘The Importance of Words and Actions’, 2012, Maria Thereza Alves, Musée d’historie de Nantes.

‘Fictional Histories’, Afterall Exhibition Histories: Magiciens de la Terre. (Re-published from Artforum International, Sept., 1989.).

‘Thinking Otherwise: Cosmopolitanism, Indigeneity and the Commons’, Ja Natuurlijk (Yes, Naturally), Den Haag: Stichting Niet Normaal and Gemeentemuseum.

‘Thinking, Weaving: Another Approach to Cosmopolitanism’, All Our Relations, 18th Biennale of Sydney.

‘Introduction’, Guy Mannes-Abbott, In Ramallah, Running, London:

Black Dog Publishing. ‘Introduction’, Kamal Boullata, Between Exits: Paintings by Hani Zurob, London: Black Dog Publishing.

‘On Space and Place in the Work of Steve McQueen’, Steve McQueen Works, Catalogue Raisonné, Laurenz Foundation, Schaulager Basel.

‘Between Earth and Sky: A Brief Encounter’, Brief Encounters, Hassan Hourani Young Palestinian Artist of the Year Award 2010, London and Ramallah: AM Qattan Foundation. (English and Arabic).

‘Storying Art: The Everyday Life of Tricky Practices’, in Piercing Brightness: Shezad Dawood, Oxford: Modern Art Oxford/London: Koenig Books.

‘Tricksters, Troubadours – and Bartleby: Art from a State of Emergency’, in Fear, Alberto Balsima (ed), Madrid: Exit Publicaciones. Republished in Tricksters, Troubadours, In/sight, no 2, Dublin Institute of Technology, 2013.

‘Minerva Cuevas and the Art of Para-sitic Intervention’, Afterall, 27, Summer 2011.

‘Art, Agency and the Hermetic Imagination’, in Zoya Kocur (ed.), Global Visual Cultures: Representation, Place, Power, Oxford: Blackwell.

‘On Drawing’ (with Stella Santacatterina), in Twice Drawn: Modern and Contemporary Drawings in Context, (Eds) Ian Berry and Jack Shear, Museum and Art Gallery, Skidmore College, and New York: DelMonico books. Republished from The Stage of Drawing: Gesture and Act, London: Tate and New York: Drawing Center, 2003.

‘Palestinian Art from 1850 to the Present’, Third Text, 102, Vol.24, Issue 4.

‘Neither North Nor South’, in Cuauhtémoc Medina (ed), Sur, Sur, Sur, Sur/South, South, South, South… México DF: Primera edición, Papers to the 7th International Symposium of Contemporary Art (SITAC), México DF.

Preface: ‘Not From Anywhere’, in Gerardo Mosquera, Caminar con el Diablo, Madrid: Exit Publicaciones.

‘The Other Story and the Past Imperfect’, Tate Papers (Online Research Journal), issue12, Autumn.

‘Voices in the Singular Plural: Palestine c/o Venice and the Intellectual Under Siege’, Third Text, vol 23, issue 6.

‘A Distant Laughter: The Poetics of Dislocation’, in Intercultural Aesthetics, (eds) Anton van den Brambussche, Heinz Kimmerle and Nicole Note, Springer.

‘So Different… and Yet’, James Coleman, Dublin: Irish Museum of Modern Art.

‘Remembering the Future: Tradition and Modernity in the Work of Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds’, in Most Serene Republics: Edgar Heap of Birds, (ed) Kathleen Ash-Milby and Truman Lowe, Washington and New York: National Museum of the American Indian.

‘Diaspora, Trauma and the Poetics of Remembrance’, in Exiles, Diasporas and Strangers, (ed) Kobena Mercer, Mass.: MIT Press.

‘Alternating Currents’, ‘New Horizons of the Past’ and ‘Migration’s Silent Witness’, in Plot, (ed) Simon Read, Confluens Series, Middlesex University Fine Art Publications.

‘Where Here is Elsewhere’, in Belonging and Globalisation, (ed) Kamal Boullata, London: Saqi Books.

‘Theses on the Philosophy of Violence’, in System Error, Milano: Silvana Editoriale.

‘In Living Memory… Archive and Testimony’, in The Ghosts of Songs: The Film Art of Black Audio Film Collective 1982-1998, (eds) Liverpool University Press/ Chicago University Press.

‘New Contact Zones: A Reflection’, Vision, Space, Desire, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Washington DC and New York.

‘Conversation Pieces Revisited’, in Protections: This is Not an Exhibition, (eds) Pakesch, Budak, Kaup-Hasler and Peters), Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walter König. (German and English). ‘Speaking with Difference’, Steirischer Herbst catalogue.

‘Chronicle of a Myth Retold…’, in The American West, Compton Verney.

‘Where Here is Elsewhere’, in Belonging: Sharjah Biennial 7. (English and Arabic).

‘Dialogues’ section, in Shades of Black: Black British Art in the 80s, (eds) David A. Bailey, Sonia Boyce and Ian Baucom, Duke University Press and inIVA.

‘El Sueño de la vigilia’ (1993) in Textos sobre las obras de Gabriel Orozco, CONACULTA/Turner Publicaciones, 2005. (Spanish) Re-published from The Kanaal Art Foundation, Kortrijk, Belgium, 1993.

‘El juego del mundo’, (1996) in Textos sobre las obras de Gabriel Orozco, CONACULTA/Turner Publicaciones, 2005. (Spanish) (Re-published from Gabriel Orozco: The Empty Club, Artangel, London, 1996.)

‘In the Spirit of Conviviality’, in Francis Alÿs, London: Phaidon Contemporary Artists Series.

‘Before Testimony’, in Susan Hiller: Recall, (ed) James Lingwood, London: Artangel and Gateshead: Baltic.

‘Embodied Subversion’, in Live: Art and Performance, (ed) Adrian Heathfield, London: Tate Publishing.

‘Introduction’ to Electronic Shadows: The Art of Tina Keane, London: Black Dog Publishing.

‘Tales from the Dark Side: Double Agency’, in Shaheen Merali: Blackpop, London: Black Dog Publishing,

‘A Citizen of Memory’, in Luis Camnitzer, Kiel: Schleswig-Holsteinischer Kunstverein.

‘Introduction’ to Fisher, Vampire in the Text: Narratives of Contemporary Art, London: inIVA. (Republished in Changing States: Contemporary Art and Ideas in an Era of Globalisation (ed) Gilane Tawadros, London: inIVA, 2004.)

‘Toward A Metaethic of Shit’, in Complex Entanglements, (ed) Nikos Papastergiadis, London: Rivers Oram.

‘On Drawing’ (with Stella Santacatterina), in The Stage of Drawing: Gesture and Act (curator Catherine de Zegher) London: Tate and New York: The Drawing Center, 2003.

‘The Place of the Spectator in the Work of James Coleman’, in James Coleman, (ed) George Baker, MIT Press: October Files. (Republished from Open Letter, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1983.)

‘The Enigma of the Hero in the Work of James Coleman’, in James Coleman, (ed) George Baker, MIT Press: October Files. Republished from Derry: Orchard and London: Whitechapel Gallery, 1983.

‘Toward a Metaphysics of Shit’, catalogue to Documenta_11Platform5: Exhibition, Ostfildern – Ruit: Hatje Cantz. (Republished in Firkun wa Fann/ Art and Thought, No 76, Oct 2002-Mch 2003.)

‘Intimations of the Real’, in Steve McQueen: Caribs’ Leap/ Western Deep, London: Artangel and Portugal: Fundação de Serralves.

‘The Outsider Within: Shonibare’s Dandy and the Parasitic Economy of Exchange’, in Yinka Shonibare: Double Dress, Jerusalem: The Israel Museum. ‘The Intimacy of the Infinite’, in Lili Dujourie Videos 1972-1981, Brussels: Argos Editions.

‘Duncan Newton: Abstract Pictures’, Nottingham: Bonington Gallery.

‘Jack Goldstein: The Trace of Absence’, in Jack Goldstein, (eds) Yves Aupetitallot and Lionel Bovier, Grenoble: Magasin-Centre National d’Art Contemporain 2002. (Republished from Artforum International no 22, June, 1983.)

‘Polymorphous Perversity’, in Gert Verhoeven, The Blob, Brussels: Palais des Beaux-Arts.

‘Provisional Acts: Tariq Alvi’, London: Whitechapel Gallery.

‘Witness for the Prosecution: The Writings of Coco Fusco’, Intro for Coco Fusco, The Bodies That Were Not Ours, London and New York: Routledge.

‘In the Garden of Forked Desires’, Judith Barry, Centro José Guerrero, Grenada, 2001. (Spanish).

’Figuring Difference: the Work of Jack Goldstein’, (with Stella Santacatterina), Afterall, Issue 04.

Writings pre – 2001

On art and cultural theory

‘The Everyday Life of Tricky Practices’, Documents, Paris.

‘Truth’s Shadows’, in Dream Machines, South Bank Touring Exhibition.

‘The Proletarianisation of Art,’ in Art For All?, London: Peer.

Conversation Pieces’, in Carnegie International 99/00, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg.

‘Tricky Manoeuvres – Concerning Reflected Plums and Artistic Agency’, In Mirror’s Edge, (ed) Okwui Enwezor, catalogue to exhibition, Umea: Bildmuseet.

‘Vitrines from the Pathology Museum’, in Who’s Afraid of Red, White and Blue?, (ed) David Burrows, London: ARTicle Press.

‘Intercultural Relations for the Next Millennium’, in Power Up: Between Experience and Expectation, Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem.

‘The Magician Offside’, in Passate, Presente, Futuro, catalogue to the XLVII Biennale de Venezia.

‘The Work between Us’, in Trade Routes, cat. to 2nd Johannesburg Biennale, Johannesburg.

‘Art’s Caress: Some thoughts on aesthetics and ethics’, in Beyond Ethics and Aesthetics, (eds) Ine Gevers and Jeanne van Heeswijk, Nijmegen: Uitgeverij SUN.

‘The Echoes of Enchantment’, Inside the Visible, ICA Boston/MIT Press.

‘Destabilising Art’, in Passaggi, Fondazione Sandretto re Rebaudengo per l’Arte, Franco Masoero, Edizioni d’Arte, Torino.

‘Where I am visible I cannot speak: Cross-cultural practices and “multiculturalism”‘, in Inclusion/Exclusion, Dumont, Graz, Austria.

The Art of Living Vicariously’, Young British Artists, Wolfsburg Museum.

‘The Syncretic Turn’, in New Histories, ICA Boston, USA.

‘The Syncretic Turn: Possibilities for Cross-cultural Practice in the Age of Multiculturalism’, in Issues in Contemporary Culture and Aesthetics, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht.

‘In the Domain of Crossed Destinies: A Travellers Tales from North America’, Wonder Stories, Maastricht: Jan van Eyck journal No 2. (revised 2013)

‘Hors d’Oeuvres’, in Cocido y crudo, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid.

‘El arte en un estado de emergencia’, in Valen todos, Habana, Cuba.

‘On Dis-placement’, in Place, Position, Presentation, Public, (ed) Ine Gevers, Jan Van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, and De Balie Amsterdam.

‘Patrullas frontizeras: crítica de arte y los márgenes del arte’, Arte Expo, Guadalajara, México, 1992.

‘In Search of the “Inauthentic”: Disturbing Signs in Contemporary Native American Art’, CAA (US )Art Journal, Special issue: ‘Institution/Revolution: Contemporary Native American Art’. Re-published in Race-ing Art History (ed. Kimberly Pinder), Routledge, 2002.

‘Fragments of a Fictional Body’, in Turning the Map: Images from the Americas, Camerawork, London.

‘Itinerarios equivocos’, catalogue to Edge ’92, London and Madrid. (English and Spanish).

‘Vacaciones/Vacations’, Re-View 1492-1992′, NYC.

‘The “Bride” Stripped Bare. Even So…’, (on the exhibition America: Bride of the Sun), Artforum International, November.

‘V-I-D-E-O-Z-O-N-E’, in Topographie 11: Untergrund, Wiener Festwochen, Austria.

”Dancing with Words and Speaking with Forked Tongues’, Third Text, No 14, Spring.

‘Unsettled Accounts of Indians and Others’, 1986, in The Myth of Primitivism, (ed) Susan Hiller, London: Methuen.

‘Reflections on Echo: Notes Towards a Dialogue on Sound by Women Artists,’ Eau de Cologne, Koln, 1989; Extended version for Signs of the Times, MOMA, Oxford.

‘Fictional Histories: Magiciens de la terre’, Artforum International. {Republished in Magiciens de la Terre, Exhibition Histories, Afterall Publications, 2013)

‘Autres Cartographies’, Les Cahiers du Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris, May, No 28, 1989; (reprinted in Third Text, No 6, 1989)

‘The Health of the People is the Highest Law’, in Revisions, The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada; (reprinted in Third Text, No 2, April 1988.)

‘The ground has been covered’ (with Jimmie Durham), Artforum International, Vol 26, No 10.

‘The First Americans: A Return Visit’, First Glance, No 2, Oct, London, 1988.

What Cheer, Englishmen, What Cheer, What do you come for?, Jimmie Durham and Edgar Heap of Birds at Matt’s Gallery, October.

‘Guidelines’, introduction to We the People, Artists Space, NYC.

‘Object of Fetishism’, in Framing Feminism, (eds) Griselda Pollock and Roszika Parker, London: Pandora.

‘Re-Framing the Subject’ (Antonioni’s Blow Up and Brian de Palma’s Blow Out), in Blow Up, (travelling exhibition on photography and art), Wurttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart.

Introduction to Ni’ Go Tlunh A Doh Ka, Amelie A Wallace Gallery, SUNY, Old Westbury.

‘Coyote Comes Laughing’, in The Fairy Tale: Politics, Desire and Everyday Life, Artists Space, NYC.

‘Die Inszenierung des Verschwindens’, Kunst mit Eigen-Sinn, Vienna.

“Lost and Found Traditions”: Contemporary Native American Art at the Museum of Natural History’, review in Artforum International.

‘Art into Play: The “Alternative Space'”, LAICA Ten Year Catalog, LA.


Dancing on a Tightrope (for Anne Tallentire), Project Art Centre, Dublin.

‘Poetic Machinations’, in Andrew Webb: A Small Box of Air Trapped and Drawn, Campo Santo, Belgium.

The Breath between Words’, in Adrian Piper: A Retrospective, (ed) Maurice Berger, Maryland University Baltimore County, Maryland.

Judith Cowan:’ present…passing’, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.

Gert Verhoeven: Auto-Mio, MUHKA, Antwerp.

Adrian Piper: ‘Out of Order, Out of Sight’, review for Bookforum, Summer, 1997

Kate Smith: Matt’s Gallery, London, 1997

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Willie Doherty: The Only Good One is a Dead One, The Post-colonial Landscape Project, Edmonton Art Gallery and Mendel Art Gallery, Canada.

‘James Coleman’s “Box”‘, in Boxer: An Anthology of Writings on Boxing and Visual Culture, London: inIVA,

Susan Hiller: ‘Light and its Double:’ Portfolio, No 23.

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Eponce: A Line of Infinite Variation, Cotina Scamas, London.

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Tim Rollins and KOS: ‘A Question of Literacy’, Parkett, No 20. John Hilliard: Empire of Shadows’, The Renaissance Society, Chicago.

Writings pre – 1988

Tina Keane: Beyond the Grey Horizon: Tina Keane’s Video, Performance, Installation, Riverside Studios.

James Coleman: ‘Seeing for Oneself: A Perspective,’ Artists Space, NYC.

Tim Rollins and KOS: The Nature Theatre of the South Bronx, Riverside Studios, London.

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Lawrence Weiner and Conceptual Art, script for slide/tape, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

Writings pre – 1984

Jack Goldstein: Feuer-Korper-Licht:, Stadtische Museum, Erlangen, W Germany.

Jack Goldstein: ‘’The Space of Absence:, Artforum International.

Matt’s Gallery, The Serpentine Gallery, London.

Alfred Hitchcock/Victor Burgin: ‘Chasing Dreams:, Artforum International.

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John Blake: Vliesshalle, Belgium.

James Coleman: Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin.


John Blake: ICA, London.

Gerard Hemsworth: Orchard Gallery, Derry and Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge.

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