Selected Writings

Selected Writings

Francis Alÿs: In the Spirit of Conviviality

Monopoly and Masquerade – and Other Intercultural Entertainments

Some Thoughts on Contaminations (Incorporating parts of The Syncretic Turn)

Jimmie Durham: Holding A Mirror To Humanity

Reflections: An exploration of the use of sound by women artists

Encountering James Coleman’s So Different… and Yet

Remembering the Future: Tradition and Modernity in the work of Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds

A distant Laughter: The Poetics of Dislocation

What cheer, Englishmen, what cheer, what do you come for?

Migration’s Silent Witnesses: Maria Thereza Alves’ Seeds of Change

Cena en casa di Levi or the Masque of Inclusivity

Conquest and the Treason of Images

Do Electric Sheep Dream?

Drawing: Between the Map and the Territory

Fictional Histories: Magiciens de la Terre

For You, Only You: The Return of the Troubadour

Interview with Dmitri Vilensky

Introduction to Vampire in the Text

Joy Reflected Upon a Lake of Sorrow: Reading Kamal Boullata

Kamal Boullata, Palestinian Art from 1850 to the Present A Review

Reflections on Willie Doherty’s Work

Steve McQueen’s Dialogues with the Image of Precarious Life

The Other Story and the Past Imperfect

The Work Between Us

Thinking, Weaving: Another Approach to Cosmopolitanism

Tricksters, Troubadours – and Bartleby

Unsettled Accounts of Indians and Others

Voices in the Singular Plural – Palestine c/o Venice and the Intellectual Under Siege

We the People – Notes on Curating Contemporary American Indian art in the 1980s

Where Here Is Elsewhere