Games of Chase, tuti fruti as a kitten

Tuti’s Blog #56 – Games of Chase

Games of Chase, There’s a game I’ve played with the old Carer since I was a little’un. I hide under the desk and when she comes into the room I jump out at her. This is her cue to say ‘I am going get that Tuti!’ Or, alternatively, if I’ve run behind the sofa, ‘Where’s that Tuti?’ Then ensues a chase around the furniture and up and down the stairs, until one of us gets tired and flops out. Sometimes I’m too lazy to indulge in all that exertion and just do the walkabout, visiting parts of the old Carer’s room stopping here and there for her to pat my rump saying ‘Who’s my darling boy, then?’ All this is very reassuring in troubled times.